Teak Furniture Restoration

Like all other wood surfaces, but particularly because the teak often is situated in full sun, teak furniture is subject to drying out and falling apart in places. Because it is so expensive to replace, we were asked by a customer years ago if there was something we could do. We developed a technique using Soft Washing, safe cleaners and brighteners, with non-toxic sealers to restore your teak to look like it just came out of Hildreth’s Department Store.

We then allow it to dry, before lightly sanding it with fine sandpaper, cleaning the dust off, and then sealing it with our clear sealer. This adds years to the life of the teak furniture and allows it to either stay the same or with an organic mildicide application, to turn silver, Driftwood gray.

Spending a little money to clean and seal your furniture, saves you the tremendous cost of replacing it. We can also Shrink Wrap it for the winter, keeping it from being exposed to rain, snow, ice, etc. Please call us today for a free evaluation.

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For 9 years Mildew Busters™ won Dan’s Papers “Best of the Best” in numerous categories because of the high quality of our work, and our customers dedication to us. After the 9th year we received a call from Dan’s informing us that other companies were complaining and wanted a chance to win. As a result, Dan’s created a new category called “The Hall of Fame” and Mildew Busters™ was the 1st. company to be awarded it, essentially retiring us from future competitions.

We were very grateful to Dan’s for doing this, but more so to our customers who made it possible. We now have numerous “Hall of Fame” awards, something we are very proud and grateful for.