Most East End homes are built on foundations and or crawlspaces. The foundations can be made from brick or stone if older, concrete blocks or poured concrete. Crawlspaces the same. What happens over a period of time to all homes is that they “shift” or “settle” often causing cracks in the foundation walls and/or floors. When this happens, it creates a pathway for moisture vapors or even water itself to enter the basement/crawlspace in a heavy rain, wet spring or when the water table is unusually high. Water or moisture vapors then create an environment in your cellar that is perfect for mold to colonize and spread. This can and should be stopped as soon as possible so that mold does not contaminate your living space.

Mildew Busters™ are experts in identifying pathways for moisture and then to patch and seal the foundation walls and floor. If your basement has a dirt floor, this allows great amounts of moisture to enter the basement. A “Rat Slab” which is essentially a concrete slab floor should be poured as soon as possible by Mildew Busters™ to cut off the moistures access. Then after all the cracks and imperfections in the foundation and crawlspace are patched correctly a liquid membrane is applied in two coats over the surface to eliminate the pathway for moisture. Finally, another waterproofing sealer that looks similar to white or gray stucco is applied over the membrane walls for added protection and a more pleasing esthetic.

For the floor Mildew Busters™ seals the porous concrete with an oil-based epoxy paint/sealer that stops wet vapors and water from entering the area when the water tables are high. This method described is used either after a mold disinfection or prior to one to eliminate the possibility of it occurring.

Maintaining a dry and watertight basement is crucial to eliminate the possibility of mold spores taking hold and spreading rapidly through the cellar and beyond. If you think you have a problem with mold in your basement, please call Mildew Busters™ today to schedule an inspection, and if necessary, and air quality test which will show the types of mold present as well as the density of the mold if applicable.

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For 9 years Mildew Busters™ won Dan’s Papers “Best of the Best” in numerous categories because of the high quality of our work, and our customers dedication to us. After the 9th year we received a call from Dan’s informing us that other companies were complaining and wanted a chance to win. As a result, Dan’s created a new category called “The Hall of Fame” and Mildew Busters™ was the 1st. company to be awarded it, essentially retiring us from future competitions.

We were very grateful to Dan’s for doing this, but more so to our customers who made it possible. We now have numerous “Hall of Fame” awards, something we are very proud and grateful for.