Dehumidification Systems

All too often we will visit a customer with an interior mold issue who will tell us, “I have a dehumidifier, I can’t understand why I have mold?” The unfortunate reality is that in 99% of these cases the dehumidifier they have was bought at a store and is capable of only doing a bedroom, den or other small room. In order to keep the humidity level in the air below a safe level, inside your home, you need a professional dehumidifier capable of not only keeping your basement and crawlspaces dry, but your entire home. These units are extremely cost effective and cost a fraction to run compared to the small, inefficient units.

Once installed properly they will eliminate the possibility of mildew or mold ever returning to your homes interior, and also ensure that the air you breath  is free of mold spores which result in respiratory issues. Each house is unique and the proper size/capability and placement in the basement or attic generally is imperative. Mildew Busters™ installs and maintains more of these dehumidifiers, all guaranteed for 5 years than any other company on the East End. For the sake of you, your family, pets and guests, please call us today for a free evaluation.

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For 9 years Mildew Busters™ won Dan’s Papers “Best of the Best” in numerous categories because of the high quality of our work, and our customers dedication to us. After the 9th year we received a call from Dan’s informing us that other companies were complaining and wanted a chance to win. As a result, Dan’s created a new category called “The Hall of Fame” and Mildew Busters™ was the 1st. company to be awarded it, essentially retiring us from future competitions.

We were very grateful to Dan’s for doing this, but more so to our customers who made it possible. We now have numerous “Hall of Fame” awards, something we are very proud and grateful for.